The symbolic Amazigh accessory, Tazerzit

The Tazerzit accessory is a piece of common jewelry among the Amazigh women. It is known by several other names, for example, Tzghnest. This accessory is widely spread and used by several tribes in the northwest of Africa. Its shape varies depending on each territory but it consists mainly of a triangle under a ring or a half-circle.

The name origins :

In the Amazigh language especially in the dialect spoken by people living in the south part of morocco. we usually called this kind of accessory Tarazewit, or tazarzewit or tazerzit. All these names are grammatically feminine because they all started with the letter “T”. These names come from the Amazigh word “Azar”, which means hair, and the circle often keep the hair stands in a beautiful way.

Tazerzit Functionalities :

The large “Tazerzit” is often used in decorating, but the medium size is often used as a pin and the small one is usually used on hair or on the front of the head.
Nowadays, the Amazigh accessory “Tazerzit” is usually associated with a symbol of chastity and pride.

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