Who are Imazighen or Berbers ?

The Amazigh population “Imazighen” also are known as Berbers are the indigenous people of North Africa. Amazigh means free men and Tamazight mean free women. The “Amazigh geography” borders start from the Egyptian oasis of Siwa in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west, and from the Mediterranean in the north to the Sahara in the south.

Amazigh people are living in multiple countries, they are in Mali and in Niger and northern Burkina Faso. The Berbers of the Sahara call themselves the “Touareg”, in addition to the Canary Islands where some small Berber groups call themselves “Gwansh”.

Do Amazigh culture have a calendar?

Yeah, absolutely. The history of the Amazigh extends over 3000 years and we have a special chronological calendar. Now in Amazigh times, we are in the year 2970.

It is an agriculture calendar linked to the land, and the Berbers refer the Amazigh New Year to the year in which the Amazigh king Shishong won the king of the pharaohs Ramses III, and he built the 22nd family in Pharaonic Egypt 950 BC. On the 13 January, Amazigh

What does mean the colors of the Amazigh flag?

It is a cultural flag that unites the Amazigh population around the world and it symbolizes the Berber land called “Tamzgha”. It was Adopted by the Amazigh World Congress in 1998, at a conference that has been organized in the Canary Islands.

The flag colors are three blue, green and yellow, in addition to the symbol of the Amazigh identity which is the letter Z, in red. The blue color symbolizes the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, while the green color means the nature and geography of North Africa, the yellow color signifies the Sahara Desert, and the red color symbolizes resistance.

What is the origin of the Amazigh language?

The Amazigh language is from the Afro-Asian languages. Currently, there are no specific statistics about the number of people who speak this language. But in morocco since 2011 it has become an official language besides the Arabic one.

The Amazigh language is one of the oldest languages that are challenging the world changes. Hopefully, all the decisions that have been made by Morocco and Algeria of making this language an official one will protect it from extinction.

Berbers are divided into different dialects, in Morocco, for example, there are three Amazigh dialects, and there are dozens of other Berber dialects in various countries in North Africa.

Which letters do Amazigh use?

The Amazigh language is written by using letters called “Tifinagh,” an old Libyan letter had been found in a number of rocks in the North African countries. It has been recognized by ISO-UNICODE since 2004.

What is the Amazigh religion?

The Amazigh had worshiped the sun and the moon and they were also influenced by ancient Egyptian religions by having the same god “Amun”.Then they become Christians and they participated in making this religion-rich before most of them become Muslims after the arrival of Arabs armies to the north of Africa.

What are the most important events in Amazigh history?

Among the Berbers who held a high position in the Christian Church, Saint-Victor I and Celsius I, and some Berbers had ruled the Roman Empire during her best period. Gestimus Celius, Macrinus were some of them and others.

One more secret that will impress you!

The first try to fly was experimented by an astronomer and an Amazigh inventor named Abbas Ibn Firnas.