How the idea of nominsa is born?

Well, I’m so excited to tell you the whole story. But first of all, I will give you a brief presentation about my self. My name is Saadia and I’m from the south part of morocco which is a country in the north of Africa. And it really makes me feel happy to share with you everything related to my Amazigh culture.

In Morocco each region especially the ones situated in the south, northeast and east part has a special dialect. In consequence, local tongues differ slightly from region to another but they are all under the umbrella of the Amazigh language. For example, in the south part where I am from, we speak in our own dialect which is “tachelehit”. Moreover, we have our own traditional clothes and food that have attracted many tourists around the world. For this reason, nominsa is here to make you discover the charm of our lifestyle just from your hometown.

I have some good news for you in Nominsa you will get the opportunity to prepare in your kitchen different Amazigh dishes. Because I will provide you with simple recipes that you can make by your self and in an affordable budget.

Why I’ve chosen to write about my Amazigh culture?

Growing in an Amazigh family surrounded by small details of our culture and feeling the beauty of this folklore made me fall in love with everything related to “Imazighen” which means the Amazigh population, That is why I created nominsa which I consider a link between me and the rest of the world, where I can tell you the most important events that are remarkable in our history and all other things that are making from Amazigh people unique from the way we talk till the way we wear.

Amazigh means free man

My passion for this culture is pushing me to make with passion daily research in the objective to transfer to you the appropriate and the right information. Because I truly believe that the Amazigh story deserves to be told to the rest of the world.

One more thing, Why I had chose Nominsa as a name to my blog?

Well, I know you are now wondering about the meaning of nominsa and if this name has any relation with the Amazigh culture. It is evident that the answer is yes, Nominsa is the name of a flower.

Finally, I hope you will enjoy reading my blogs that will cover all the aspects of my culture such as remarkable events from our history, some delicious food that you can try in your home, our traditional style and how the Amazigh women take care of her beauty by using natural oils and plants.